Who I am

Hi there, I'm Sara, a full-stack engineer who turned a background in ancient and modern languages into a pursuit to learn, and ultimately love, computer languages. I'm most energized when I am helping build high quality product for forward-looking teams and pioneering missions, while also building strong coworking relationships.

As I continue to dive into how big ideas get built, I am looking forward to the countless doors programming opens to life-long learning and self-improvement. When not at the computer, you can find me skiing, reading, road tripping - or on my way to pet your dog.


Stuff I do

My stack includes Ruby on Rails, React.js, HTML5/CSS, and SQLite / PostgreSQL. Passionate about all areas of development, from user story road-mapping to design, debugging, and deployment.

  • Back-end

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • UI engineering

  • Responsive
    web design


My Work

NPI Excellence

A consulting business' website built on GatsbyJS, styled with TailwindCSS, and blog capability powered by Netlify CMS.